Things to consider


You will have to make numerous decisions before I can start to design your yacht. Since everything is connected, it is preferable to have a clear idea about the type of sailing and therefore the type of equipment you will require, especially when we are considering heavy items such as a generator, a washing machine or a large screen.
If, for example you intend to sail in the more remote areas, this will affect your choice of equipment and a simple stove may be more reliable than a sophisticated hot air system. It is important to make sure that your ship is equipped in such a way that you can work together, safely and in all situations.

You can only make the right choices when you know in which areas you intend to sail and what the life span of your equipment needs to be. For instance, hi-tech sails perform better and are lighter and easier to handle but their life span is considerably less. These sails are perfect for weekend trips, short holidays or a race, but are less suitable for a cruise around the world. Once again it is important to match your equipment to your needs.

Do not rely too much on the opinion and knowledge of others, since the combination of all these components is often the key factor to success. This is something you know best, it is your yacht and your way of sailing, so you are the main expert.